Beyond Requirements on Mastering Business Analysis Podcast


About a month ago I was honored to talk with Dave Saboe on his Mastering Business Analysis Podcast. We talked about my forthcoming (for a while now) book Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset and other things analysis and agile.

BBC2015 Blog Partner

BBC2015 is proud to be a Blog Partner for the Building Business Capability 2015 Conference (BBC2015). I’ll be writing posts about the conference and can give you a 15% discount to the conference.

Feature Injection Clarified (Hopefully)

I take a shot at providing a practical, useful explanation of Feature Injection, an approach where teams understand the value an initiative intends to deliver, deliver the features that provide that value, and build a shared understanding about those features primarily through examples.

Crowdsourcing 2015 Business Analysis Predictions

Let me know what you see coming in 2015 for business analysis, and I’ll include it in a hopefully accurate post on predictions for the upcoming year.

10 Ways to Determine the Purpose of a Project

The Five Whys Technique (also known as “Popping the Why Stack”) has long been suggested as a way to get to the ultimate reason for a project.  But when you ask why repeatedly, you run the risk of looking quite pedantic and annoying stakeholders.  With that in mind, I thought I’d provide a list of […]

Learning Delivers Value

Originally published on B2T Training BA Blog. One of my favorite aspects of adopting an agile mindset is the tendency to think about whether what I am doing actually adds value to the organization.  With this though, comes the knotty problem that value can often be hard to clearly define.  Because I generally find myself […]

5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Agile2014


I’ve learned a lot of lessons, some more painfully than others, about how to get the most out of the conference. I thought it would be good to share some of those lessons as we are about to embark on Agile2014 in Orlando.

A Community of Thinkers

Here is my way of showing my support for the idea of ”A Community of Thinkers” by Liz Keogh, Jean Tabaka and Eric Willeke.

Do We Need (Another) Business Analysis Certification?

Ambitious executive holding cash money

In a recent blog post I predicated that within the year PMI would come out with a Requirements Management Certification. In the interest of full disclosure and learning from our mistakes, I’m writing here to acknowledge I was wrong, well sort of. PMI is coming out with a another certification, but it’s not limited to Requirements Management.

Thoughts on Outcome Based Metrics


I provide some thoughts on Time to Value as an outcome based metric in response to a post by Chris Matts. I put them here partly because they’re quite lengthy and partly because he deleted (accidentally) the first comment I placed on his post.