BDD and the Business Analyst

revised-bddx-13-800x300pxThis morning (November 22, 2013) I had the opportunity to be involved in a very unique discussion. SkillsMatter hosted the Agile Testing & BDD Exchange in London. The format of this particular conference was to have a series of sessions that featured two or more presenters teaming up to cover a particular topic.

Chris Matts (@papachrismatts) was one of the speakers, and when he looked around for people to pair with, he decided to take a truly different approach. He reached out to five people, none of whom were going to be in London today and asked them to be part of a conversation via Skype. I was one of the fortunate five to be asked. I consider myself fortunate because I was able to share the “stage” with the likes of Chris, Jake Calabrese (@jcalabrese), Jeffrey Davidson (@JeffreyGoodReq), Leslie Morse (@lesliejdotnet), and Olaf Lewitz (@olaflewitz). I should note that the speaker bios really don’t do everyone justice, but then again Chris took a little bit of artistic license when he wrote them.

From this side of the Atlantic, things seemed to go fairly well. We all joined in on a Skype call that Chris projected on the screen at the conference. It was basically a panel discussion with Chris asking the first couple of questions then opening it up to the audience.

We had some great discussion, several thumbs up, a candle or two, and some oddly placed stuffed animals. Along the way I realized how lucky I am to know Chris, Jake, Jeffrey, Leslie, and Olaf and have the types of conversations that I had this morning. Not to mention how lucky I was to be living in a time when I can have such a conversation in London less than an hour after taking my daughter to school in Iowa.

I suspect my description wouldn’t really do the conversation justice, so here it is – BDD & the Business Analysts – in all of it’s slightly Orwellian glory.


  1. Chris Matts says:

    Nice write up.

    As you probably guessed, the Bios were made up because I missed the expiry on the option to gather real ones. :-o

    Thank you for playing.

  2. It’s easy to see why you count yourself lucky to know the likes of such a wonderful group of folks! But seriously, the event went really well. It was fun and covered lots of ground. I only wish I could get more follow-up questions now that the event is over.

    If you try the video, don’t worry about the sound issues in the first couple minutes. It largely goes away as the panel starts discussing stuff.

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